At Storage Inc, we’re big fans of Google My Business. It’s become one of the most important and valuable marketing tools for storage companies. If you haven’t already started taking GMB Seriously, it’s time to do so.

Google My Business (GMB) is a free online business directory created by Google. It allows users to create and manage their online presence, including a professional self storage website, and add or update information about their company. Google My Business Posts is one of the lesser-known features of GMB that can aid self storage facilities.

Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with GMB postings. Many people are still unpacking all of the fantastic features of GMB. The good news is that we know quite a bit about Google My Business postings, and we can tell you the key takeaways and purpose of GMB posting.

What is the primary goal of Google My Business postings? A post has many hats and performs a wide range of excellent services for you. The three leading roles that Google My Business postings play are as follows:

  • Promote new items, discounts, or events.
  • Increase local self storage SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords to rank higher in search engines.
  • Assist your GMB profile

Yes, Google My Business postings are versatile! That’s why we’re focusing on why GMB posts are essential for storage websites to get ahead in the self-storage industry.

What Are Google My Business Posts?

Before we get into the gritty details of Google My Business postings, let’s first address the obvious issue: what exactly are Google My Business posts?

Customers can discover you through your Google My Business profile, including information about your company. They also boost customer interaction, encouraging consumers to learn more before visiting your storage website.

A Business Profile with a Google My Business account may be used for your self storage SEO company’s wide range of purposes, including event promotion, product launches, special promotional codes, and other relevant material. What’s the best part? They don’t have to be thick, in-depth pieces of writing. It takes as little as five minutes to create a post!

How Google My Business Posts Can Affect Storage Websites

Google My Business posts are a pretty big deal for several reasons. Only the best self storage websites will include this handy self storage marketing strategy. It will boost your self storage SEO, and it will also increase your credibility.

Here are four ways GMB posts will aid your storage website.

1. Online Exposure

GMB content is effective in expanding your online presence. Customers who are currently using your service will be able to scroll through and learn about what’s new with your company if you post regularly. Furthermore, suppose your company profile appears at the top of Google for a specific term. In that case, leads may discover more about it.

2. Free Advertising

Do you have an event or a new product to announce? Consider GMB postings as a simple method to market your local business! Customers don’t need to go to your website for all the information they want because upcoming events may be announced on a Google My Business article.

3. Easy Promotion

Do you have any hot offers running right now? You may promote them with GMB postings. Google My Business posts are intended to encourage and spread awareness about sales and discounts for you to have exciting CTA buttons and other bargains promotions.

4. Communicate and Foster A Relationship with Customers

It’s challenging to connect with consumers only through websites and social media. GMB postings are an excellent method to interact with clients and increase online engagement. If you’re looking to boost self storage SEO and create a long-term relationship with customers, consider adding GMB postings to your self storage marketing strategy!

Google My Business posts are perfect for small businesses searching for an uncomplicated way to advertise items, increase online engagement, and improve self storage SEO keywords. So, if you’re not already using GMB postings on your storage website, now is the time to start!

What Are the Different Kinds of Google My Business Posts? 

It’s critical to claim and optimize your Google My Business profile for self storage SEO in order to advertise, educate, and keep consumers up-to-date on Google My Business postings. That’s the first step toward posting on Google My Business and earning the Google Guarantee if you haven’t already done so.

Once you’ve claimed and optimized your GMB profile, it’s time to get to work. There are four kinds of Google My Business postings. Each is meant to provide information uniquely, although each has its own informational style. That’s why we’re going through each kind of Google My Business post one by one.


Product postings are simple to understand. Product postings are used to advertise a new product, line, collection, or other goods for the best self storage websites. Product posts are best for photographs; otherwise, how will people know what you’re selling? In the description of your product post, use this space to go further into the product and talk about dimensions, pricing, and other useful details that will persuade the customer to buy.


Have you decided to have a storewide sale or hold an open house? Google My Business event posts are intended to get it on the map in any case, whether it’s for a single day or a month-long special. Event postings show immediately on your GMB and Google Maps listing, allowing customers interested in your self storage facility events to see when and where they’ll occur.

What’s New 

New products, renovations, and other significant changes are lovely material for ‘What’s New’ articles. These stories can run for up to seven days. 


Google My Business offer posts are a fantastic way to get more eyes on your business. Simply place your Google My Business account information in the post, and it will display in search results. Promos, discounts, and specials—all of these are ideal for Google My Business offer postings! Add pictures or videos as desired. Include an offer code or promotion in the text to ensure that your article is eye-catching and informative.


Articles are perfect for self storage SEO because they provide Google My Business users with the information they’re searching for. As a result, your storage website is more likely to appear in search results when potential customers are looking for self storage information.

These are the five types of postings that you can use on your Google My Business profile. Now that we’ve gone over each one, it’s time to move on to creating your own to improve self storage SEO! 

Need someone to help maintain your GMB profile? At Storage Inc, we know that storage unit owners are incredibly busy. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing an array of self storage marketing services to ensure our clients don’t have to worry about the small stuff.

When Should You Use Google My Business Posts for Storage Websites?

Use the Offer and Event Google My Business updates regularly to catch the attention of new and existing customers. These are excellent at attracting a crowd and catching the attention of numerous searchers. On the other hand, what’s New and Product posts are more geared toward reminding existing clients about your products and services and are fantastic methods to promote what’s going on with your self storage SEO company.

Use all of these types of postings as much or as little as you want. However, we recommend creating at least one Google My Business post per week to maintain self storage SEO and keep your customers informed.

Self Storage SEO Best Practices for Google My Business Postings

Now that we’ve gone over the many kinds of Google My Business postings, it’s time to get started, right? Not quite. You’re almost a Google My Business posting prodigy, but there are a few more things to cover before you go live with your first campaign.

Post Pictures

Yes, the focus of a blog post is generally on text, but that doesn’t mean images don’t matter! A picture draws people’s attention on the ‘gram, and Google My Business postings are no exception. Make the photograph or video more attractive by adding creative content that entices readers to click through—for example, a picture of your storage unit.

CTA’s Are A Must

You can pick from a list of pre-determined CTAs when you publish your Google My Business entry. Although they aren’t required, it’s always effective to include them in an article. The following are the CTA options:

  • Sign Up
  • Call Now
  • Book
  • Learn More
  • Order Online
  • Buy

Pick a CTA according to the kind of post you’re utilizing. CTAs are meant to be appealing, but if the CTA doesn’t correspond with the post’s content, it won’t be attractive enough to click!

Keep It Short and Sweet for Local Self Storage SEO

More isn’t always better, according to Google. More than 1,500 words are not required for a Google My Business post. You can get by with considerably less, depending on what you’re talking about! After 200 characters, all postings are cut off. Ensure to make a GMB posting under this limit if you want searchers to see your entire self storage SEO message.

Google My Business posts are also a fantastic method to incorporate local SEO keywords! Consider this self storage marketing strategy for a moment. A user in North Carolina looking for “self storage units” would see a list of search results, but adding local SEO terms to Google Maps might improve a local company’s ranking. Adding the appropriate local SEO phrases to your article lets Google know that your self storage SEO business is based in a particular area.

Final Thoughts on Google My Business Posts and Self Storage SEO

Google My Business is a complex system, and there are several levels to consider. However, each of them has its benefits! Google My Business Posts are an excellent technique to market your self storage SEO company and keep your consumers engaged.

We’ve got you covered if you don’t have time to manage your Google My Business postings. Our inbound self storage marketing services include GMB management, optimization, and much more for storage websites.

Are you ready to get started with self storage SEO and GMB posts? Request a free analysis from Storage Inc to create a plan for your storage website the thrive and cultivate new leads.