You probably know how vital it is to obtain online consumer evaluations, especially in the self storage industry. Customer feedback is always a great testament to your commitment as a business, and they provide leads with important information about your storage unit business.

But what happens if you go to Google and look at your website’s rating? What should you do if a customer on Facebook or Instagram leaves you a negative comment about your service?

It can be challenging to keep your composure when you see a negative review about your storage unit business online. You might even be tempted to leave an angry response. But, it’s important to remember that potential customers will be reading your response. So, you’ll want to take the high road and craft a professional reply.

Even if you think that a problem will go away on its own, it’s in your best interests to confront it head-on when it comes to dissatisfied consumers.

At Storage Inc, we strive to offer self storage marketing advice and services that will help facilitate a successful self storage business. If you’re looking for some ideas on responding to bad customer reviews, we’ve got you covered.

Quickly Respond to Customers

The worst thing you can do is Google a homeowner’s negative experience and ignore the remark for weeks. That isn’t how to alter that customer’s opinion of your storage unit business. The ideal way to continue your connection with that consumer after seeing a negative review is to address the feedback as soon as possible.

When you take the time to reply to a customer’s complaint, you let them know that their voice is being heard. You also show other potential clients that you’re dedicated to maintaining high customer service standards.

When dealing with a negative review, consider how you can reply politely and provide a few alternatives. Depending on the review, you may have to give a more detailed response by email. This is an excellent customer care practice that shouldn’t just be used when responding to bad reviews. Furthermore, depending on the customer’s situation, they may need a solution for your that can only be provided offline.

Look Into Providing Extra Items or Services from Your Self Storage Business 

Sometimes, it’s not your company that a homeowner is dissatisfied with; it’s something you provided them that didn’t meet their demands. If they were searching for something else, give them another choice. See if you can give them a complimentary product or a different service option to solve the problem and provide the results they’ve been seeking in self storage units.

Answering negative reviews immediately demonstrates your company’s integrity and goodwill. Also, offering an alternative solution might later turn a bad review into a positive one. In the end, it’s all about attempting to shift the reviewer’s viewpoint of your business and putting the client experience first in order to improve overall customer satisfaction rates.

At Storage Inc, we provide a wide range of storage websites and self storage marketing tools to help our clients succeed. If you’re looking for some assistance in this area, we’d be more than happy to help you out.

Ask Customers to Continue the Conversation 

A negative online review about your storage unit business may sting as an owner. Instead of becoming irritated or upset, ask the client to elaborate on their negative experience. Get in touch with them by email or messenger and inquire about what went wrong during their visit. Try your best not to get defensive and keep an open mind.

Not only will responding to a review assist solve the issue but taking the extra step of having a conversation will make them feel acknowledged. They may describe what went wrong in detail. You can use this feedback to change the faulty goods or services as needed on storage websites, business storage units, commercial storage, and residential units.

Apologize and Ask for Redemption for Your Storage Unit Business 

Negative comments are part of the business. You’ll inevitably get some bad feedback when you’re running a storage unit business. It’s tough to control how your and your firm are characterized online. Still, it’s critical to respond to negative feedback professionally and graciously.

See if the customer is willing to give your self storage facilities a chance with another service or at half price. If they accept your offer, see whether they’d be open to providing another review based on their experience. For example, you could offer climate-controlled units or packing supplies to resolve issues. It’s a fantastic customer care approach to provide several alternatives and then turn that bad review into a good one.

It’s also a good idea to apologize for the poor experience they had, even if it wasn’t your fault. You can help turn a negative review into a positive one by taking this approach. Not only will you have happy customers, but other people who read the reviews will see that you’re willing to take responsibility and make things right.

Take a look at your negative reviews and see if you can figure out why clients are leaving them. If the feedback on your website is ineffective, try appealing to more customers by encouraging them to leave reviews. Potential consumers will be inspired by how you’ve turned bad into something that significantly influences self storage businesses. This is an excellent method to help improve customer satisfaction.

How you react to negative reviews will show your character as a self storage unit business owner. If you’re unprofessional or dismissive, it’ll make your company look bad. On the other hand, if you’re courteous and take the time to listen to what they have to say, you can use that feedback to improve your business. You may even turn a negative review into a positive one!

Be Sincere

The greatest approach to respond to a bad review for the best self storage websites is to be genuine and upfront with your consumers. When you respond to a consumer’s review, you must understand how they feel about their investment.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your business is to show that you care about the bad feedback and wish to correct it. By being sincere, you let the customer base know that you’re dedicated to your self storage facility. This is an excellent way to market your storage unit company and boost confidence in your potential customers.

Use Templates

If you want to be one of the best self storage websites, it may be helpful to have some negative review response templates on hand, so you’re always prepared with an appropriate response. This way, you can avoid a knee-jerk reaction that could worsen the situation.

When you’re feeling upset or defensive, it’s tough to come up with the right words. Having some negative review responses saved as templates will help you stay calm and collected when responding. That way, you can take the time to craft a well-thought-out response that’ll satisfy the customer and show potential customers that you’re dedicated to providing excellent service on your storage website.

By having some negative review responses saved as templates, you can be sure that you’re constantly responding in a professional and courteous manner. This is an excellent way to improve customer satisfaction and show potential customers that you’re dedicated to providing exceptional service at your storage unit business.

Response Tips:

  • Use their first name
  • Address the customer directly
  • Open with an apology.
  • Give them alternative offers
  • End with a thank you.

Ensure that you address the customer’s demands and demonstrate to potential clients that you care about providing exceptional service by following these self storage marketing guidelines.

Final Thoughts for Storage Unit Business Reviews

It’s critical to take the time to thank your clients and note the impact they have on your business, regardless of what is going on in day-to-day operations. A negative review should not be the only time you respond to reviews or criticism.

Make a habit of reacting to your consumers’ feedback. This will help them believe that you are receptive to new ideas and, as a result, feel more comfortable making future investments in your self storage facilities.

It’s essential to have a plan in place for how you’ll respond to negative reviews about your storage unit business. How you handle these situations will either make or break your company’s reputation. You can turn a negative review into a positive by following the steps above.

We all want happy clients, but it’s sometimes easier said than done. If you want to keep your consumers pleased with your storage units and implement digital marketing tactics that produce the results you’ve been searching for, contact Storage Inc to get started with self storage marketing.